More information coming soon!

For now, a list of publications:

  1. “Imagery and argument in Plato’s cave”, in M.M. McCabe & S. Trépanier (eds.) Re-reading the Republic (Edinburgh University Press, expected 2022)

  2. Critical Reflections on Philosophy, Education, and Prison Sociology”, Special Issue of Journal of Prison Education and Reentry, 7(2), co-edited with Aislinn O'Donnell & Kirstine Szifris (2021)

  3. A close examination of the pseudo-Aristotelian Mechanical Problems: the homology between mechanics and poetry as technē”, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, 43(2): 300-306 (2012)

And a list of works in progress:

  1. A paper on stability as an epistemic value in Aristotle

  2. A paper on the value of truth in Aristotle and truth value monism

  3. A paper on Aristotle's account of intellectual virtue and contemporary virtue epistemology

  4. A paper on open-mindedness as an intellectual virtue and its social, epistemic value