Philosophy in prison

I've been teaching philosophy in UK prisons since 2016. I currently deliver courses and act as a Trustee for the charity, Philosophy in Prison. I've taught in a range of prisons, including men's high security (Belmarsh), men's training and local prisons (Brixton, Swaleside, Downview), and women's prisons (Downview).

My work in prisons was originally on behalf of King's College London, where I managed and co-delivered the London Philosophy in Prison project: programme of introductory philosophy courses in London prisons. The courses introduced students to core philosophical topics and skills. They were primarily discussion based, with the aim of making the courses accessible irrespective of formal education and/or English literacy . As such, the project functioned to broaden educational access in London’s prisons. Many of these courses were funded by King’s, particularly the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and King's Service. Other funders include the charities Philosophy in Prison and the Evan Cornish Foundation, the National Offender Management Service Learning and Skills Development Fund, and several participating prisons.

Advocating Classics Education

I recently delivered a lecture for Adovcating Classics Education (ACE). ACE aims to extend classical education and make it more accessible across the UK's secondary education section. The lecture is designed to support students studying A-level Classical Civilisation. It focuses on Plato's critique of democracy in the Republic. You can watch the it below.