I am currently a British Society for the History of Philosophy Posdoctoral Fellow (2021-22) and an Hourly Paid Lecturer in Philosophy and Classics at King's College London. I was previously a Lecturer in Ancient Philosophy at King's College London and an Associate Lecturer at Birkbeck, University of London. Before this, I completed a PhD and MA in Philosophy at King's, as well as an MPhil in History and Philosophy of Science and BA in Chemical Engineering at University of Cambridge.

My primary research engages with questions of epistemic value in Aristotle (e.g. why are epistemic states such as knowledge, understanding, and wisdom valuable?), with a focus on Aristotle’s virtue theory (e.g. are certain epistemic states valuable because they are virtuous epistemic states?). As such, my work straddles Aristotle’s theoretical epistemology and ethics. I also have research interests in contemporary epistemology (I’m currently working on a social account of the nature and value of open-mindedness) and philosophy of education (in particular, philosophical education and what we can learn about its impact in the context of prison education).

I’ve taught a broad range of topics in ancient Greek & Roman philosophy, including Presocratics, Plato, Aristotle, and Hellenistic philosophy. I’ve also taught a number of modules in contemporary philosophy, including political philosophy, epistemology (including social epistemology), and ethics. I’ve taught variously at King’s College London, Birkbeck University of London, and Queen Mary University of London.

I've been teaching philosophy in UK prisons since 2016, originally on behalf of King's College London and now with the charity, Philosophy in Prison, for whom I'm a Trustee. I've taught in a range of prisons, including men's high security (Belmarsh), men's training and local prisons (Brixton, Swaleside, Downview), and women's prisons (Downview).

If you'd like to be in touch, please feel free to contact me.